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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Allen J. Hoge

Personal Information

Citizenship: USA
Native Language: English

TEFL Qualifications

TEFL Certification. Shenandoah University. 2004.
MS TESOL. Shenandoah University. May 2005.

Work Experience

English Instructor. Intercultural Institute of California. San Francisco, California, USA. 2005-Present.
· Teach general English to international students.
· Teach English Oral Presentation to MA students.
· Teach TOEFL preparation to MA students.

English Instructor. Thammasat University. Bangkok, Thailand. 2005.
· Created online follow-up course for former students and the public.
· Coordinated international student projects with univerities in Japan and Brazil.
· Re-designed course syllabi.
· Developed international volunteer program for Language Institute classes.
· Helped students utilize online resources (blogs, Skype, Ourmedia, podcasting...).

Graduate Student Observer. Thammasat University. Bangkok, Thailand. 2004.
· Observed English classes at Thammasat University's Language Institute.
· Interviewed teachers and students, kept observation journals, and evaluated English classes.

Private English Teacher. Bangkok, Thailand. 2003-2004.
· Taught private conversational English lessons to adult Thai students.
· Used TPR, TPR Storytelling, Focal Skills, and the Natural Approach.
· Designed curriculum for adults and children.

English Instructor. Lanier Technical College. Gainesville, GA, USA. 2002-2003.
· Taught general English to basic, beginner, and intermediate level students.
· Assessed and placed new students using the BEST test.

Independent Travel. Japan, Thailand, India, Nepal, Malaysia. 2001-2002.
· Travelled in Aomori and Tokyo.
· Toured many Asian countries
· Organized inter-cultural activities.

Clinical Coordinator. Project Care Homeless Shelter. Greenville, SC, USA. 2000-2001.
· Managed a non-profit program for homeless people.
· Decreased drug-related expulsions from the program significantly.
· Helped organize a resident self-management organization.
· Helped residents gain more autonomy and responsibility.
· Supervised program staff, volunteers, and clients.

Lead ER Social Worker. Greenville Hospital. Greenville, SC, USA. 1998-2000.
· Supervised Emergency Room social workers and coordinated social work efforts with nurses, physicians, and other medical staff.
· Performed assessments on psychiatric and substance abuse ER patients.
· Defused violent or angry patients.

English Teacher. Kids' College. Seoul, Korea. 1996-1997.
· Taught English to kindergarten and elementary age children using a natural approach.
· Managed the middle school program.
· Developed a literature based curriculum for the middle school program.


M.S. TESOL. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Shenandoah University. Graduate: May 2005.
TEFL Certification. Shenandoah University. 2004.

M.S.W. Social Work. The University of Georgia. 1996.
A.B.J. Journalism. The University of Georgia. 1991.

Teaching Interests
TPR Storytelling, Focal Skills Approach, Natural Approaches, Authentic Materials.

Video production, freelance writing, SCUBA diving, hiking, camping, travel.