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Sunday, April 24, 2005


by AJ

I started to use more gestures during class this week, but not enough. I think Tohru's suggestion of pre-teaching the vocab with gestures/actions is excellent. This is how you are supposed to do TPR Storytelling.

Unfortunately, I didnt do it this week. I tried to teach the vocabulary as I went through the story. It worked all right, but I had to break the flow of the story several times.

So this week I will try to identify potentially problematic vocabulary up front. Then I will list this vocab on the board and teach the words with gestures or actions. First Ill model the gestures, then I will call out the words and have the students gesture. If they struggle to understand, Ill let them use their dictionaries to find a rough idea.

In this way, they will absorb the target vocabulary BEFORE the story begins. I can then tell the story in a natural and authentic way, without interruptions. Their comprehension will be boosted and the story will provide better input and better practice.