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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Importance of Social Contacts

by AJ

Communication is about socializing. Its what we use language for more than anything else. Language connects people.

But think of the average language class in school: students sit at their desks individually... little isolated islands. They repeat drills. They watch the teacher diagram sentences. They are alone in a little shell. This is unnatural. No child learns their native language in this way.

Therefore, it is vital for teachers to create a highly social classroom. We must help students connect. We must help them find real (authentic) reasons for speaking and listening.

Students, ideally, should look forward to class as a chance to make friends and connect with other people. It should be a time for them to play, relax, and have fun (in English!!).

Do that, and they will want to come to class and they will want to participate.... because you are filling a REAL need in their life.