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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Reading Resources

by AJ

The following are good links for English reading material. One of the best ways to improve in English is to read for FUN. That's right, for FUN... not STUDY.

To read for fun, you must read something that is both interesting AND easy. If you need a dictionary to read it, it is too difficult.

Below are possible sources of fun reading material. The first link has information about graded novels. These are English novels that come in many levels. Choose a few levels and find one that you can read easily and quickly. The books are not expensive. You can order from the catalog on the second link.

Also look at The English Zone. This is published in Japan. You can buy it at Kinokuniya and other book stores. I may use The English Zone to create my final exam, so reading it would be a good way to prepare!!!


Basic Informatiion about English Novels

List of Books & Catalog of Novels, by level

Foreign Buyers Club (They sell English magazines & videos)
(Click on the link to the Learning Center)
http://www.fbcusa.com/japan/ (Japanese)
http://www.fbcusa.com/public2/ (English)

English Zone Magazine