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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Management Matters

by AJ

I used to shun management issues, organization issues, and politics. I figured Id focus my energy on what happens in the classroom and ignore the rest.

That was a foolish mistake. Ive come to realize that organizational issues are important. This is a BIG issue that has a BIG impact in the classroom. Time after time I come across the same story-- impassioned and excellent teachers who are undercut by bureaucrats, micromanagers, and organizational rigidity.

Tohru, for example, must struggle constantly with the mandated curriculum in his High School classes. The organization, rather than help and support excellence, actively works against it. What greatness he accomplishes is DESPITE the school system.

It was the same at McEnglish... and at many schools throughout the world, public and private. Teachers in most countries have taken my naive approach... they disengage from organizational issues and pretend the class is a protected bubble. Of course they know its not, but most shun the messiness of management.

I will shun it no longer. Ive become deeply interested in organization and group dynamics.. and in the following questions:

How can we design organizational networks that inspire, inflame, and empower?

How can we break down the member/client ("customer") barrier?

How can we replace authority and control with autonomy and support?

How can we, as a group, accomplish magnificent things?

How do we kill the idea of "boss"? Totally. Completely.

How do we kill the idea of "employee"? Totally. Completely.

How do we create self-organizing systems? Organic. Evolutionary. Dynamic. Flowing?

How do we design organizations that serve people (members and clients)... rather than ones that people must serve?