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Saturday, July 02, 2005


by AJ

This week all of my classes went very well... especially the speed dating activity. However, there were two students who did not fit the trend. They were friends, both in my "English for Russian Majors" class.

While every other student in every other class enthusiastically participated in the activity... these two refused to. They sat in their chairs and said nothing. They stared at the wall or ceiling, didnt even pretend to listen to their partner.

I felt a great deal of frustration, but basically ignored them. But I couldnt help but wonder what they were thinking. What was wrong? Were they intimidated by the activity? Were they bored? Were they lazy? Did they resent having to take the course and just had a shitty attitude?

I dont know and probably will never know. Thats a very difficult part of teaching. Its very hard to know what your students are thinking... or why they enjoy some things and not others. I try to get this information with this blog and with the surveys (learning plans) I do... but in the end I will never know for sure.

Its frustrating. But 2 students out of nearly 200 is not bad. Ill accept that rate of failure.