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Monday, August 22, 2005

BAS Class Homework for next Monday

For those of you who missed class, here is your homework for next week:

A. Ive increased the amount you must write each week. You must now write a total of 1 page each week (gambatte, ne)!

B. You need to post your English Learning Goals on your blog... your goals for the midterm and for each week. For example, "I will save 500 words in my vocab notebook by midterm, I will watch 10 movies in English (with Eng subtitles.. no Thai subtitles) by midterm, I will read 100 newspaper articles for my project by midterm."

Then you'll figure out the weekly goals from that. For example, "I will add 100 words a week to my vocab notebook, I will watch 2 movies a week, etc....". Your goals must be measurable... something I can check... so both you and I know if you met your goals or not.

C. Post your progress (on the above goals) this week. On Saturday or Sunday, post how many words you added to your notebook this week (or how many total you have), and also write what progress you made on your project, what you read, what you listened to, etc....

D. Post what your Project title is, who is on your team, and what you did this week to read/listen about your topic.

Vocab Notebook

* If you don't have a notebook already, get one! Bring it to class on Monday, I will check everyone's notebook to see how many words you have. You should have an absolute minimum of 30 (hopefully much more).

Harry Potter/Zahir

* If you have not already done so... start reading Harry Potter I. Finish reading Chapters 1 and 2 (at least) by Monday. Please bring your Harry Potter/Zahir book to class on Monday.

OK... good luck. Email me if you have any questions.

PS: For your learning goals and your project, its important to have a mix of reading sources and audio (spoken) sources. Reading will build your vocabulary, listening will help your pronunciation and oral comprehension. Both will help your grammar, speaking, and writing. Read alot! Listen alot!