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Monday, August 29, 2005

BAS Homework

Homework for next week:

1. Bring sources for your project to class... copies of articles, tapes, books, etc. Be sure to read or listen to them. You will present them to the class &/or your group and discuss them.

2. Post one page to your blog and 2 comments to other student's blogs. Ill be counting the comments this week :) You should have at least 6 total.

3. Post your progress on your blog... how many chapters have you read in Harry Potter or Zahir. How many words in your vocab notebook.. how many movies/TV shows watched... etc.

4. Read the Stephen's House article and be sure you understand it (the vocab and the overall meaning). We'll discuss it in class next Monday.

5. Keep reading. Keep watching and listening. Keep gathering sources for your project.