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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

BAS Project (Monday Class)

by AJ

For your project, you will be researching a topic of your choosing. This week you will choose your topic and will decide how you will find material (oral & written) about it.

The next step is to collect, sort, and read this material. You should read each piece (or listen to each piece) several times. First, listen/read for general content. Then try to identify new words/phrases. Write these down-- look them up in a dictionary- and keep a list of them.

Part of your project paper (much of it) will be a list of new words and phrases you learned while researching the project. Keep a list of these words in a notebook... or on your blog.

The final phase of the project will be a written (paper) and oral presentation on your topic. This will happen towards the end of the semester. We will talk about it more later.

For now, focus on gathering articles, books, audio clips, and other material related to your topic. Listen and read each piece many times and keep a list of new words and phrases learned.

At times I will ask you to submit this list of words and phrases.. either by showing me your notebook or by posting the list to your blog.