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Monday, August 22, 2005

BAS Registered Projects

From Crow To Crown

This team will create (write, produce, direct, act in, and film) a 30 minute sitcom in English. They will research the project by: watching UBC TV series in English, reading comic books, reading magazines, reading on the internet, and watching "UBC Insight"

This week they will focus on reading comics and magazines.

Team members: Thip, Ploy, Pang, Blue, Yim, Job

Discovery Rattanakosin Island

This team will produce a tourism guide (video/print) to Rattanakosin island (for English speaking foreigners). They will get background information from: hotel and tourist brochures, travel magazines, travel books, the internet, and personal interviews with foreigners.

This week they will focus on the internet.

Team members: Nice, Hiroshi, Tong, Koy, May

Ice Cream Business

This team will create a full business plan for an ice cream business. They will get information from the internet, books, TV shows, surveys, and interviews.

This week they will search the internet and look for books.

Team members: Wow, Jenny, Pum, Arm

Chick Magazine

This team will create an English language magazine for women. They will get ideas and information from: women's magazines, the internet, surveys, interviews, and by attending parties and talking to foreigners (for the society section).

This week they will go to Khao San Rd or Siam and interview foreigners (and tape the interviews).

Team members: Tangmo, Pat, Ploy, Nut