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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Many students in the BAS class have posted their goals for this semester and they look great. Many are also updating their progress... letting us know what they have accomplished each week.

The following students have done a particularly great job: Ploy (Popcorn), Blue, Thip, Tong, Pang, Koy, Yim, May, Wow, Arm, Nice, and Ohm.

Nice, in particular, is doing fantastic. She's already finished reading Harry Potter I and is now going to reread it again. This is a fantastic idea. I often reread my Spanish mini-novels.... each time I read them I find that I understand a little more.

Great job Nice! And great job to the others I listed. Im happy to see you are making progress. Keep reading. Keep watching TV and movies. Keep gathering sources and ideas for your projects!