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Thursday, August 18, 2005


by AJ

"When you walk into the reception area of a [school] you've never visited before, you can tell within 30 seconds whether or not the place is exciting and cool, whether they're doing interesting work, or whether its a morgue."
-- Steve Farber

Ive substituted the word "school" for "company".. but the meaning is exactly the same. Unfortunately, when I walk into 99.99% of schools- they feel like morgues. They are dead. Boring. Subdued.

I certainly would never use the words "cool" or "exciting" to describe any school Ive attended or worked at. This goes for my current school too: Thammasat University. While I enjoy teaching there... the place looks and feels like a morgue. Its the same as every other school... the same ugly tile, the same ugly and cramped desks, the same colorless walls, the same flourescent lights. We all know the look because every damn school in the world has it.

Well, not every school. Ive never visited Wisdom 21 in Osaka... but look at their website and in 30 seconds you know they are doing cool and exciting things. I dont know what the teachers or curriculum is like... but its obvious that this is not your average English morgue.