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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thai Update

by AJ

I continue to try to read in Thai. At the moment, Im still having trouble with the multi-location vowels. These are vowels that simultaneously appear in front of, above, and after the consonant (in various combinations). I find them extremely difficult to remember.

On the other hand, I seem to have acquired the basic consonants and am getting there with with one location vowels. Im now reading books one and two of the "Daycha" series... its slow going but at least its going.

I continue to struggle with audio input because I cant find anything easy enough to understand. Everything Ive gotten so far is way over my head. I recognize a few words... but thats it. Im still hoping to find a storybook/audiobook combination so I can decipher the vocab and THEN listen to the story.

Until then, I try to make do with stunted communication with friends (which I cant even call "conversations" at this point... unless three words is considered a conversation).