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Sunday, September 18, 2005


by AJ

Im not a businessperson. Never have been, never will be. I just dont think like they do. Money simply doesnt inspire me. Truth be told, I find the average businessperson to be dull, greedy, emotionally retarded, and half-dead.

But Tom Peters is not average. I dont get the corporate work thing... but I do get the irrepresible passion and audactity he embodies. He inspires me. He inspires me because he manages to bring greatness, love, enthusiasm, excellence, and ecstacy to a pursuit as seeminly dry and heartless as business.

Most of education is just as dry and heartless... and so I find that Tom's message resonates just as powerfully for education.

Here are a few bullets from one of his recent rants:

* "Audacity of vision."

* "Innovation/Insane commitment to Research & Development/Insane commitment to Design."

* "INCREDIBLE "experience.""

* "Relentless "Talent Acquisition & Development.""

* "Overall/Sustaining … EXCELLENCE."

* ""WOW!""


That sounds like the outline of a school manifesto to me!