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Friday, September 23, 2005

BAS Monday Class Cancelled

by AJ

Apparently the office or another BAS teacher scheduled a midterm during our Monday class (without asking me).

So this Monday's class is cancelled. After your midterm exam, have a party!!

We will have class the following Monday (October 3rd).

During that class, each student will make a 5 minute presentation. You will talk about what you have learned so far this semester. You will discuss what you have read or listened to. You'll discuss who you have talked to and what you have written. You will talk about what YOU have done for your project team. You'll discuss your personal desires, aspirations, and/or goals for English (including why you are studying it). Finally, you will discuss what your plans are for the rest of the semester. The class and I will ask you questions once you finish your presentatin. The format of the presentation is up to you.

While I dont really like grades or points, Im learning that many students still need them as a motivator. So, for them, this presentation will be worth points.

Finally, I have one more request: Wear something interesting (nice, weird, fashionable, ugly) to class on October 3rd!!.... and also bring something to drink.

I look forward to seeing all of you the following Monday. Good luck on your midterms. See you in a week :)