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Friday, September 09, 2005

Online Course Media Hosting

by AJ

I think Ive found a solution for hosting audio, text, and even video for the free online course: OurMedia.org.

Ive created an account and a group with them and will now be able to store articles, audiofiles of me reading the articles, and maybe even video files of me teaching some on-campus classes-- all for FREE (the magic word)!

The "Effortless English" Online Media will be hosted at:


Ive already got a Google Groups account for "Effortless English"... so the bare requirements seem to be in place.

OurMedia.org also seems like a good possibility for organizing international collaborative projects. Each group (of collaborating classes) could have their own Ourmedia group..... the participating teachers could add audio, text, and video files to the group. Students could communicate via the forum (and also email, Skype, blogs, etc.).

Im looking forward to this interesting experiment.