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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Student Feedback

by AJ

I finally got the class evaluation forms for this semester... and they contained quite a few good comments. However, this one, from my freshman fundamental English class, is my favorite:

Textbook: I hate it. I will not just say I dont like it-- I absolutely hate it!
The textbook sucks! Its boring and crap!

Suggestions: What I want is to completely change everything (let's start with the textbook)!

My feelings exactly.

But I would add more:
Lets get rid of the idiotic exam system. Lets completely change the grading system and mentality. Lets get rid of the master-servant relationship between teachers and students. Lets throw out the grammar-drill approach. Lets create euphoric English language experiences. Lets create interesting social opportunities for English use.

Semester two starts in November. I will be attempting to do all of the things in that list simultaneously. Stay tuned for updates on my successes and failures.