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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

BAS Projects

by AJ

BAS Class:
Today I visited your international project team mates and showed them your "hello" video. They were very happy to see you. They asked me many questions about you. And they hope you will continue to communicate, make friends, and do a small project with them. I recorded them on video... I will show you the video when I get back to Thammasat,.. maybe we could meet at a coffee shop.

I also hope you will continue to do a project with them. Please visit the project website every week!!

This week, they will be asking you questions about Thailand, Thai culture, and your personal interests. Please respond to them...

And please ask them questions about their culture and life.

Aaron put you all in groups, so click on the groups and find the one you are in... and post your questions there (and answer questions there). Also, you can continue to post information and questions in the social forum.

Aaron's classes interviewed me today... and we recorded the interview. Aaron and I will edit the interview, type the transcript, and then put both the audio and transcript on the internet.

So you will be able to listen to the questions they asked me... and to my answers!

Good luck. Though I am no longer working at TU, I will continue to help you with your projects and blogs if you want. Ill continue to check your blogs. I will comment to those of you who continue writing. If you want help with essay writing, tell me on your blog... then write one essay a week. I will re-write part of the essay in the comments section (so you can see how I would do it using standard English).

Take care... and keep learning. The projects you do on your own,... and the friends and contacts you make outside of class... will be more important to you in the future than the exams. So I encourage you-- continue with the projects. Continue to make contacts with people in other countries. Continue to read English books (anything) for pleasure.

Good luck!! And stay in touch!