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Monday, October 24, 2005

Custom Courses & The Online Course

by AJ

Ive finally figured out how Im going to do both my custom (ie. paying) courses and my online (free) courses.

In short, Im going to let the custom students subsidize the free online course. Each paying student (or small group, if they like) will get a course specifically designed for their needs and interests. Ill work with them to find authentic materials, create unique content, focus on specific needs, develop an individual learning plan, etc...

If they are located in my city, Ill meet with them face to face twice a week, and also have a Skype conference with them once per week. In sum, Ill give them as much individual attention and support as possible.

Once a custom course is developed... or as its developed... I'll add its materials to the Effortless English Intermediate website. Eventually, Ill work to coordinate Skype conferences, meetups, blogs, and international projects for the online students... perhaps in cooperation with the custom students.

While the online students will not get individually cutomized content (as I simply can't afford to do that for free), they will get a wealth of materials and connections.... which they should (hopefully) find much more interesting than commercial textbooks.

This is important to me. While I certainly need to make money in order to eat, live, travel, etc... I also feel a strong commitment to help students who cannot afford expensive courses. The online course will be a work in progress, but over time, I hope to grow it into something great!

PS: Looks like I may have my second student! Will meet with her this week to discuss options.