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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Effortless English Program: "Beta Version"

by AJ

OK, Ive finally worked out a preliminary system of sorts. This will likely change and evolve quite rapidly as I work with students and adapt to their needs (especially the pricing).

Effortless English: Distance Program. $49/month (2-4 students); $99/month (private student)

Will Include:

* A Skype conference once per week. (Conversation and discussion about readings and audio assignments). One Hour.

* Blog Rewrites. Student will write one page per week. Ill rewrite sections of their post using "standard American English". (ie. Focused rewrite technique).

* Articles, 2+ per week. All articles will include an audio version, explanations of key vocab/slang, and hyperlinks to related topics. "Articles" will also include recorded conversations and interviews. We'll discuss (and explain as necessary) the articles during the weekly Skype conference.

* Movie scenes. Each week, students will view a number of scenes from a specific movie. Ill provide transcripts for scenes, with explanations of key vocab, grammar, slang... and also hyperlinks to related topics. We'll discuss the scenes (and language used) during the Skype conference.

* Bookclub book. Students will complete one book per month... with weekly assignments for specific chapters. Ill copy excerpts from the chapters and explain key language usage... and add related hyperlinks. We'll discuss the book chapters during the Skype conference.

* FVR. Students will be encouraged to read for pleasure, and listen for pleasure as much as possible. Preferably everyday. Ill work with them to choose books suitably easy for their level.

* Coming soon.... Podcasts. Students will record speeches every week and post them to a blog. Ill listen to them, then record myself doing part or all of the speech using "standard American English". Ill send this recording to the student for listening and review.

* Coming soon... International Projects. All students will team with other students in different countries to complete projects and mini-projects.

Effortless English: Face To Face $169/mo (2-4 students). $299/mo (private student)

All of the above, plus:

* Two face to face class meetings a week (1.5 hours each). Semi-private.. max class size of 4.

* Completely customized courses. I'll design a unique course for each face to face class, based on their passions, interests, needs, and goals.

* Social programs, once per week+. Every week there will be outings, field trips, parties, etc. for students AND fluent speaking volunteers. The goal is to help students mingle with and make friends with fluent speakers.

* Mentor/volunteer program. Students will be teamed with one or more fluent mentor/volunteers... who will help them with tutoring, social contacts, day to day issues, etc.... whatever they agree on.

That's the bare bones.

"Beta Testing" starts soon !!!!