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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Great People

by AJ

You hear these cliches all the time:

"The Chinese symbol for 'crisis' and 'opportunity' is the same"

"You often discover people's true character during tough times"

They are cliches for a reason. I've had an encounter with these truths during the last few weeks. Following my firing, I've encountered a wealth of wonderful people. Many bloggers have given me support.. through emails, and by writing about me on their own blogs.

Students have deluged me with supportive emails.

Friends & bloggers have come forward with offers of help, money, accomodation, and support.

Just yesterday, I got an email from EFL Geek. He noticed my struggles with MP3 files and donated some of his own webspace to me! Aaron, in Kyoto, has likewise offered to donate an account for file storage. Recently, Aaron, and Mark White, graciously hosted me during my recent visit to Japan.

I've been inspired by these wonderful people. They have fired my passion and enthusiasm.

And they have shown me that this situation is, in fact, a tremendous opportunity.

Thank You to all the students, teachers, and bloggers who have given me such wonderful support. You are great!

Many Many Thanks!