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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kyoto-Thai Project Launched

by AJ

Well, our first international project has launched. Students in my Bangkok-based "BAS" class will be collaborating with students in Aaron's Kyoto-based class.

We are using Moodle to host and focus the project; and I am quite happy with the software. Of course, Aaron is doing all the Moodle work, so it is easy for me to enjoy it!

This week, students are joining the Moodle site, uploading their pictures, and entering self-introductions in the social forum. This is the "getting to know each other" phase.

Next, the students (or the teachers) will form project teams. Every team will be international; it will include a mixture of Thai and Japanese students. Because of this, there is no need to make English a "requirement". Rather, English is the most practical and useful language for the students to communicate with.

The end goal for each team will be to research a topic of their choice and then create an online presentation about it. Every project must be capable of supporting comments, so that other students can provide feedback.

Possibilities include: Wikipedia pages, Team Blogs, Our Media projects, Podcasts, etc.

Students will communicate and collaborate via Moodle forums, email, chats, blogs, and Skype (free international calls).

There will be challenges adn learning experiences, but I am very excited about the potential of these kinds of projects.

After all, isn't this EXACTLY the purpose most of them state for studying English? Isn't this how "World English" is used in the "real world"? To communicate with people from other countries. To collaborate on multi-national projects.

Isn't this far superior to memorizing "language points", doing "group work" with students in the same class (and of the same nationality); and taking exams?