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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Internet English Tutoring

by AJ

So, you are an aspiring, wired, freelance teacher like me. Where do you find students?

The first, best, place is among former students, friends, and acquaintences. Thats where my first two students have come from.

Another option is through tutor finding services. My Sensei is one such service, based in Japan. This service is free for teachers. Teachers register their qualifications, schedule, pay rate, a photo, and contact information. This information goes into a database.

Students can search this database to find a tutor. If they find a match they like, they pay the service a small fee to obtain the teacher's contact information.

I just registered with My Sensei and will post updates on an activity I get from them. Ill also be searching for other web-tutor finders and will post that information here as well.

Ive got a lot of learning to do.. a lot of challenges ahead... a lot of failures and inevitable disasters on the horizon. But Ill grind through it all, and chronicle the ups and downs here. In the process, I hope to make the path to freelancing easier for readers who may follow my example.

Because, Ladies and Gentlemen, I strongly believe that the future is Freelance.