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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Still Clueless

by AJ

I got a bit of feedback from one of my students today.... very polite, very sweet... and right on target.

She told me, more or less, that my lessons have been chaotic. She said Im doing too many things... and she's getting confused. She wants me to develop some kind of routine or structure for each days lesson,... so she knows what to expect day to day.

She's right. My lessons have been chaotic... almost random. Im totally out of sync. Ive been throwing lessons at them piecemeal... whatever I remember working well in the past, I try it with them. Because of this, there is no consistency, and little repetition, in my lessons (essentials for language learning).


But there is one bit of good news.... we have a two week break at the end of December. Time for me to catch my breath. Time to reflect on my first two weeks. Time to think about all that Ive learned about my students. Time to get clear... and get organized. I hope to come back from the break reconnected with my teaching mojo..... organized, focused, relevant, energized.

Until then, I hope my students will be patient as I fumble along towards competency.