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Friday, January 06, 2006

Video Self Assessment

by AJ

Well, there is what we aspire to (see previous post on "greatness") and then there is the present reality.

I videotaped a class this week and it was fairly painful watching... this is my self-assessment:

*Shoulders hunched over much of the time... especially while seated.

* Jerky movements, feet constantly bouncing/tapping, nervous tics.

* Over-exaggerated facial expressions.. good for stories but annoying and weird at other times.

* Too much one on one questioning of students, not enough interactive activities.

* Goofy nervous laugh all the time... almost like a nervous tic.

* Nasal voice.. high and shrill (need to learn to project).

* Interrupted students too quickly and frequently.

* Way too much talking and explaining.... not nearly enough questions.

* TPRS: Need to lead the stories more by establishing the initial scenario... and also work interactively with students to create the mini-story (rather than only them or only me doing it). Not nearly enough repetition of key words/grammar.

* Overall: Much too high strung and wired.

This was a very productive exercise. While this particular class went poorly, in some ways thats more instructive than if it had gone well. I had a chance to observe myself on a bad day and really got a clear picture of my weaknesses as a teacher.

As I suspected, presentation skills need drastic work. My body language was jerky, nervous, high-strung, and at times bordered on annoying. Sometimes this sort of thing works well, when telling a funny story, for example.

But most of the time my nervous tics and jittery demeanor detracted from the lesson... weakened my message.. bored and/or distracted the students.

Voice quality is a big part of this. Mine is fairly high and shrill... especially when Im energized/excited.

Based on what I saw, Ive got several goals:

* Pay more attention to physical presentation.... ie. body language and movement.

* Work on my voice... more variation of tone and volume... and better projection.

* Lead more when using TPR Storytelling. This is also the best time for energy and exaggeration. MORE QUESTIONS!

* Slow down and calm down at other times. Speak more slowly. Move more slowly.

Ill be taping myself again in a week or two. While one videotaped observation is helpful, I think a series of tapes is better to get a complete picture.