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Friday, March 31, 2006


by AJ

In my current class Ive got:
A film director, several musicians (singer, piano players), and several artists.

As I crunched through my normal lesson yesterday, it struck me that all this talent is going to waste in my class. Ive got a room full of creatives but we arent doing anything creative. How to remedy this situation?

One of our newest students.. the film director... sparked an idea. I think I may start a film club. This seems natural, as I love movies and often use them for teaching. The club might watch films... but we'd focus on the director's techniques rather than the nuts and bolts of English. But the true purpose of the club would be to CREATE short films... using a video camera and computer editing software. Ideally, students would create a concept, write the script, pick settings, film the video, act in the video, choose or create music for it, edit it, and finally burn it to DVD and distribute it (perhaps to other students, as well as friends and family back home).

Im gonna run this by the students next week.... especially the ones who I think might be interested.

San Francisco, CA