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Friday, April 28, 2006


by AJ

As much as I love teaching at the intensive English school I work at, I have discovered one downside to it-- no breaks. Most schools, especially public schools, have regular breaks. Every four months or so, you can usually count on getting at least a week off... often more.

But not at my current school.

Until recently, I never considered this a problem. But recently, Ive begun to run out of steam. I find Im a bit less energetic in class. I find I get bored with some of the activities, however successful they seem to be with the students. I find, in short, that Im craving a break.

But the schedule just keeps grinding along week after week.... not a problem for clock-punching jobs, but a big problem for a job in which I hope to pour my passion and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, my school offers no paid vacation, so Ill need to find other means of recharging. Any suggestions? How do you recharge your batteries?

San Francisco, CA