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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Online Students

by AJ

Im finally moving forward on getting some long-distance students. After 6 months settling into SF, Im ready. Ill be ordering a high-speak internet connection this week... though not sure when it will actually get hooked up. After that, Ill be ready to receive students.

The first thing Ill focus on is "aftercare". That is, when students leave our school, Ill let them know they can continue to work with me when they return home.

I may also be open to new students, depending on my workload.

Technically speaking, I hope to use two different resources. One is The Linguist. Id like all my private students to sign up with The Linguist, as its an excellent system and has tremendous resources. One obstacle that has slowed my entry into internet-based teaching is the lack of such resources. I have neither the time nor expertise to create a vast library of audio + text resources... combined with online dictionaries and all the other offerings at The Linguist.

The other resource I hope to use is Tutopia... a new online resource for internet-based teachers. Tutopia allows for real-time online presentations, discussions, audio, text, and video. Depending on the students schedule, needs, goals, and style... Ill use The Linguist, Tutopia, or both with them.

Realistically, Im probably still a few months away from getting this going. Gotta get the connection first. Then its a matter of finding students. Ill report my progress... experiences... and experiments here, as always :)

San Francisco, CA