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Saturday, April 15, 2006


by AJ

Here's a post from Sierra that has hopeful implications for the future of face to face teaching. I agree with her post. But I do think technology will pose great challenges and opportunities for teachers. Increasingly, routine tasks will be automated. The TPR folks have now come out with their first TPR software program. It will only improve over time. As will other tech-based systems such as The Linguist, Rosetta Stone, and the like. Increasingly, the low beginner, especially, will be able to move rapidly to intermediate levels without a traditional school or class (and thank god for that!!).

But we arent necessarily destined for extinction. The key is to maximize the social/human advantages that face to face teaching offers. That means a lot less "drill" (well, none is ideal) and a whole lot more authentic input, meaningful discussion, interaction, emotion, community, context.

Here's a link to Sierra's post titled Why Face To Face.

San Francisco, CA