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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Crappy Materials

by AJ

Now that Im almost finished with Las Puertas Retorcidas, Im looking for more Spanish language content. Specifically, Im looking for content that comes in both text and audio form, preferably with a word list or very accurate translation.

First, Ill move on to Teresa Sanchez's SSL Podcast.

What I like about both Las Puertas Retorcidas and Teresa's podcast are that both have Spanish-only audio. I didnt realize how important this was until tonight. I recently bought a book/CD combo called "Teach Yourself: Improve Your Spanish". From a quick look, it seemed it would be good. It had a number of dialogues in it on various semi-interesting topics.

However, upon listening to the CD, I discovered a problem. Every damn chapter is introduced by a long winded British woman yammering away in English. I find it EXTREMELY annoying. The introductions are totally unnecessary. Worse, they make repeated listening almost impossible. When Im listening to Spanish I want to listen to SPANISH... not English. I find the sudden English interruptions to be very jarring and distracting.

Luckily I have a lot of past SSL podcasts to listen to. But once I finish those I need to find more Spanish-only content that is interesting, relatively brief, and has both text and audio versions.

Any suggestions would be welcome :)

San Francisco, CA