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Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Fantastic Resource

by AJ

ESL Pod has been re-designed, and it looks great. Also, Drs. McQuillan and Tse are now offering learning guides for each podcast, in addition to the free audio and transcripts.

Their podcasts are an excellent resource for students who want to learn English. Each podcast includes a short conversation, and an explanation of grammar/vocab. Each conversation is presented at both a slower speed and a normal native rate of speech.

What I find most impressive about their podcasts is the frequency and consistency. They create a new podcast almost every day. Also, in addition to the "normal" podcasts, they also have a podcast for TOEFL, and an advanced podcast called "English Through Stories".

Ive often thought of doing my own podcast, but to be honest, I can't imagine doing anything that ESL pod isnt already doing and doing very very well.

If you are trying to improve your English through self-study, I highly recommend ESL Pod. You can download the audio to an ipod and listen to it frequently throughout the day. You can also read along with the transcript.

Why use a boring as hell textbook when such a resource is available... at no cost (and getting the more detailed study guides only costs $10 a month)!

San Francisco, CA