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Monday, June 19, 2006

A Great Spanish Resource

by AJ

I just got a book called "Read & Think Spanish" and its excellent! The book contains many authentic Spanish articles.. about the food, history, people, and culture of various Spanish speaking countries.

The best part is that each article has a running glossary/wordlist on the side. No need to waste tons of time looking up new words in a dictionary. You can instantly check a word's or phrase's meaning, then effortlessly return to the text.

Better still, the book comes with a CD... with each article read by a native speaker of the country that the article is about. The book provides over 70 minutes of authentic Spanish about very interesting topics. (ie. not "textbook Spanish).

Better still, this book is actually produced by the editors of a magazine by the same name. Their magazine follows the same format and is available monthly.

Check them out at: Think Spanish Audio Magazine!!

PS: There are many magazines like this for English.... I remember seeing them constantly when I lived in Japan.

San Francisco, CA