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Saturday, June 10, 2006


by AJ

Consistency. That seems to be the key with language acquisition. You've got to keep putting in the reading, listening, and review hours day after day after day.

Sometimes this is easy to do. You are enjoying the process. You feel like you are making progress. You build momentum.

But plateaus are a natural part of learning. Whether its learning a new sport, or refining a skill, or acquiring a language... you will inevitably hit a plateau. A plateau is a point where it feels like you are not making any progress.

Plateaus are frustrating. You keep putting in the effort and time, but nothing seems to happen. But "seems" is the key word. Because something is happening. Your body and mind are adjusting. They are processing the new information. They are re-wiring themselves. Plateaus, in fact, are what feed the learning spurts that typically follow them.

Learning is rarely a smooth and linear process. We tend to make progress in fits and starts.

But, nevertheless, we've got to maintain smooth and consistent effort. Even during those times when it feels like nothing is happening.. keep following your system. Continue to listen everyday. Continue to read. Continue to review. If you start to feel frustrated, try to forget your goals for a while... and just enjoy the process. Enjoy what you are reading and listening to. Enjoy the daily routine.

If you can maintain consistency through the plateaus, youll find that you are soon experiencing another marvelous spurt of rapid learning.

Keep at it!

San Francisco, CA