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Thursday, July 13, 2006

ELA Now Podcasting

by AJ

I've decided to take the easiest approach to podcasting (at least for the moment), by creating podcasts of posts on this blog. Not all posts will be podcast (though all will still have the computer generated audio from Talkr). I will be adding an RSS Podcast feed link to the sidebar (and also a link to iTunes), for learners who would like to subscribe.

For now the podcasts will be very simple. I'll read the post at normal speed. Then I will use software to create a second, much slower version. The last post (Sleepy Resistance) was my first podcast for this blog!

Unfortunately, the slow version of that post is TOO slow. I sound like I'm on serious drugs! In the future I'll still do a slow version, but not quite THAT slow :)

For English learners, here are my suggestions for using the podcast:

1. First read the post. Use an online dictionary to find the meaning of unknown words. Save these in a notebook (or computer). (In the future I may add an explanation section, as Drs. Tse & McQuillan do at ESLPod, but for now I won't be doing that).

2. Listen to the audio, both the normal and the slow versions, and read along with them. Do this several times. You can download the audio file to iTunes or an MP3 player.

3. Just listen, without reading. Again, I recommend repeated listening in order to thoroughly absorb any new vocabulary or phrasing.

If you have questions, feel free to email me!

Happy Listening!!

San Francisco, CA