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Sunday, August 27, 2006

English Text & Audio Resource

by AJ

Giuliana alerted me to an excellent learning resource for English language students.

Slate.com has interesting articles on a variety of subjects. This is an "authentic English" website, meaning it is written for native speakers.

But the best thing about Slate.com is that they have a daily podcast of one of their articles. Thus, you get both the text article and the audio- ideal for language learning. If you are a Linguist student, you can import the text and use the system to learn and save new words/phrases. Otherwise, use an online dictionary, electronic dictionary, or an "old school" paper dictionary.

Once you understand the written text, listen to the audio version-- at first reading along as you listen. Once that is fairly easy to understand, put away the text and listen to the audio only... as many times as is necessary (or until boredom sets in :)

Here's a link: Slate.com

PS: Does anyone know of Spanish language resources like this? Its easy for me to find text, OR audio... but not so easy to find BOTH for the same content.

San Francisco, CA