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Monday, August 14, 2006

Script On iPod?

by AJ

A listener/reader recently posted the following question:

"I'm a french people who try to improve her English by listening your podcast. I just discover this technology and I find it very interesting but when I get the podcast by I-tunes, the script don't appear....why?
So, I put it on the area "Paroles" (in french;-) in I-tunes but with my Ipod the script don't appear I only see your "description".

For example:¨
Podcast "Bad Business, Good Education"

Description "My thoughts on being a good teacher and a bad businessman. "
It's the only thing I see by my Ipod and would like to see
"I'm a terrible businessman. I admit it. As I build my freelance teaching business, I'm doing everything wrong.

If I was a good businessman, I would aggressively seek students.

If I was a good businessman, I would claim to have a "secret" curriculum that no one else knows.

So, is it possible to you to put the script in the description or to explain how to see the script on the Ipod (because it's OK by Itunes)."


I'll try this with the next podcast. I will paste the entire script into the "description" section of iTunes. Please tell me if this works and if this is helpful. If this causes problems, please leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for the suggestion!!

San Francisco, CA