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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

11 Cats, 4 Dogs, and a Baby!

by AJ

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I talked to my sister today. She lives in Indiana, in the middle part of the United States.

Today we talked about Tiffany's house and some work her and her husband are doing to it. Tiffany is an avid animal lover and she is married to a vet (animal doctor). Her and her husband Andrew are always rescuing hurt and sick animals. So now they have 11 cats and 4 dogs! Two of the cats are sick with feline leukemia- an incurable disease. These cats must be separated from the other healthy cats.

In addition to all these animals, my sister now has a new baby- Isabella. Isabella is just starting to move around by herself- and she will be crawling soon.

Because of this, my sister and Andrew decided to take out the carpet from their living room and replace it with a wood floor. Carpets are quite dirty and they didn't want the baby crawling on it.

In this conversation, Tiffany and I talk about Isabella, the animals, and the house. Tiffany and Andrew just got back from a vacation- and they left the baby with my Mom. They felt insulted because Isabella was very happy with her grandmother and didn't seem to miss Tiffany and Andrew at all!

Here is the conversation.

(I am busily working on my new website for students and hope to have a test version ready soon. I'll put the full text transcript for this conversation on the site, as well as a word list to explain difficult words, phrases, or idioms). Coming soon!

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