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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Technical Frustrations

On one of our Forums, a member told me that the volume for several of the lessons was low. He also said my last two podcasts were much too quiet and he couldn't hear them.

I checked my audio files and there was definitely something wrong. But I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Finally, I found it-- my microphone was slowly dying.

I've had a lot of frustration with my sound equipment-- mainly the microphone. In the beginning, I tried using the built-in mic on my computer... but the quality wasn't good. Then I tried using the microphone on my iSight camera. This was an improvement, but there was always a background hum that was a bit annoying. Finally, I switched to a clip on mic (lavalier). The quality was better, but its a weak mic. Because of this I always had to increase the volume on each audio file. Then it started to die, and the volume decreased even more.

So yesterday I finally went out and bought a professional quality microphone. Its called the "Snowball" from the Blue company. What I love about this mic is that it plugs directly into the USB on my laptop. Most professional mics require additional equipment.

The sound quality is excellent. There is no background hum at all. Its also got a strong and clear sound. I hope Effortless English members notice the difference :)

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