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Sunday, August 14, 2005

BAS EL 172 Final

Final (100 Points)

The Final will have two parts. One part is an assignment, which you will turn in the last day of class. The other part is a test (exam).

Part One: Assignment: Vocabulary Notebook (50 Points)

Throughout the semester, you will keep a notebook of new words and phrases that you've learned. On the last day of class, you will submit a copy of this notebook to me (or submit the original and keep a copy for yourself).

Your assignment is to learn at least 500 new words and phrases from reading and listening. This might include words and phrases from the Harry Potter books, Bangkok Post articles, things you read for your project, movies, etc....

Number the words in your notebook. Include the word/phrase, where you found it (ie. "Harry Potter I"), and what it means (in Thai or English).

Do not write a full dictionary definition for each word... just write enough to remember the meaning. Also, don't type this,.... write it by hand.

Typical Entries might look like this:

Essentials, by Tom Peters (book)

1. surpass: do better than
2. pack-animal: animal that lives in groups
3. bedrock: foundation.... most important.

Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbit (book)
4. mutter: say something with a low voice
5. ridge: line of hills

You get the idea.

Grading: You will get 10 points for every 100 words you collect...... and if you get more than 500 words/phrases, you will earn 10 extra credit points for every 100 extra words (up to 100 total points for 1000 total words).

Be sure to list where you found the word or phrase. This is very important. I don't want words from textbooks!! I only want vocabulary from REAL English sources that you have read or listened to.

Part Two: Test: Vocab and Comprehension from Harry Potter I & II

This will be a standard exam. Much of the exam will cover English vocabulary taken from the two Harry Potter books. There may also be a few comprehension questions... and possibly an essay question.