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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BAS Grading

by AJ

A few students seem curious about how I will grade the project and the blogs. So here is some more information:

Blogs: Ill deduct 5 points or so if a student doesnt submit their one page a week... and 2 points or so if they dont do 2 comments. I will NOT focus on grammar or spelling, so don't worry about that. I WILL focus on content... on what you write about.

First, I want to know what you did this week to read or listen to English. I also want to know how many words you've got in your vocab notebook... and I want to know what you read or listened to for your project.

After that, I encourage you to share ideas on your own project and on other group's projects. You could also write about Harry Potter or other things you have seen or read. You could write about your daily life or friends or hobbies.

Project:OK, Ill be honest. The grading for the project will be very tough. The judges will expect something great! They will expect a huge amount of sources (articles, TV shows, interviews, etc....)! They will expect a dazzling presentation and an amazing "product". Good luck. Don't wait until the last minute for this.

Until midterm, I recommend focusing on sources. Read as much as you can find on your topic.... copy and save the articles, record the interviews, tape the TV shows. Save vocab from these sources in your notebook. Read, read, read. Listen, listen, listen.

After midterm, keep collecting sources... but start shifting towards creating your product. Once the product is nearing completion, work on the presentation.

The good news is that you get to read, listen to, and work on something thats interesting. The bad news is... its not going to be easy :)

Vocab Notebook: I will be looking closely at the sources of your vocab... where did it come from. Of course, Im sure alot will come from the Harry Potter/Zahir books. I also expect alot from project sources.

Words/phrases from textbooks dont count! This includes not only English textbooks... but also history textbooks... textbooks of ANY kind. Those things are boring and artificial... focus on more interesting sources :)

The good news, of course, is that by doing some extra work you can skip the final exam!!!!