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Friday, August 19, 2005


by AJ

Another thing that impresses me about Wisdom 21 is their obvious commitment to diversity. They were founded by an African American and their staff contains a diverse mix of races and nationalities. What a pleasant change from the whitebread world of TESOL.

Ive worked in Korea, Japan, and Thailand-- at every school Ive worked at (including my current job at Thammasat)-- the native speaking teachers have been 100% white. Not 95%.... 100%. In Korea, the school staff openly said they would not hire African-Americans (or Canadians)... because "Koreans are scared of black people". I heard this same nonsense in Japan.

Yet here is Wisdom 21... founded by an African-American... with a staff packed full of non-white teachers-- and they are doing very very well in Japan. I have no clue what their teaching methods are, but I applaud their commitment to diversity and I applaud them for challenging the dirty racist secret of the TESOL industry.