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Friday, August 26, 2005

Perfect Blog Post

Tip's post this week is perfect... its exactly what I want all of my BAS students to do each week. She listed her goals. Then she listed the progress she had made this week:

About My GOALS in this week.....
*1* 100 words per week...
I almost finish it.
*2* Read 2 chapters in Harry Potter...I've read finished just one chapters but I think Tomorrow I will finish another one.
*3* Read comics book 2 chapters...
Yeah, I did it today so I got some joke to add in my sitcoms.
*4* Watch sitcoms 2 series...Now I didn't have much time but I watched 1 series already.
*5* Read 10 topics in newspaper...I read it about 5 topics, Tomorrow I have to read 5 left.

After and before this, she wrote about her ideas, feelings, etc. Perfect! Please follow her example.... put your weekly and midterm goals on your blog. Then, each week, tell us how you are doing on each goal.