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Friday, August 19, 2005

University TESOL Class: Harry Potter

by AJ

If I get the chance next sememster, I will transform one of my classes into a Harry Potter class. Here's the plan:

1. Students are required to read the first two Harry Potter books in English. They'll keep a new vocabulary notebook to record new words they learn from the books.

2. In each class I will tell a story using TPRS techniques. Ill create the story from key vocabulary I pull from each Chapter of the Harry Potter books.

3. Audiobook: In each class, after doing a TPRS story, we'll listen to the corresponding Harry Potter chapter on audiobook. Students may read along with the audio, or just listen (their choice).

4. Free Reading: At the end of each class students will have 20-30 minutes to read quietly. They may, of course, read Harry Potter.... or anything else.

5. Blog: Students will create a blog and post to it every week. They will update us on their reading progress and vocab notebook... then write about any topic they wish.

6. Movie: At the midterm (after finishing book 1), we will watch the first Harry Potter movie (with English subtitles turned on). At the end of the semester, we'll watch the second movie. Ideally, Id find the scripts for the movies and have them read them prior to watching the movies.

7. Discussion: In most classes we would discuss the Chapter we'd just read and listened to.... focusing on interesting themes, ideas, symbolism, etc.