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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bad Flashbacks

by AJ

Well, I say holidays but we have the usual bullshit of having to come into work to write the reports and do summer camps before they rulers deign to let us away for a couple of weeks.

-- From The TEFL Daily Grind

The bitterness. The burnout. The humiliation. The frustration.

Reading the TEFL Daily Grind is painful.... it produces very scary flashbacks.. to my first TESOL job in Korea. What misery. If you want to see the dark underbelly of this field, check into the Daily Grind on a regular basis.

Here we see the epitome of the phrase "value draining"... a system that chews up and destroys its teachers.

Its a very common phenomenon. In terms of raw numbers, these sorts of schools are by far the norm.

Which is why I exhort new teachers to be VERY VERY careful about the jobs they accept. Good situations are out there, but you've got to dig.