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Monday, September 05, 2005

BAS Homework

by AJ

Here is the homework for next Monday:

1. Bring an article (related to your project) and present it to the class: Summarize the article, introduce new vocabulary, and tell us the main ideas. Then lead a discussion about the main ideas.

2. Blogs: As always, write at least one page and comment on at least two other blogs. This week, if you want to, write about dating and relationships. What is your experience with these? What is your idea of the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend? What is most difficult about dating? What do you want to know about dating?

Also, please include a short update on your goals: how many words in your notebook, how many movies watched (Eng with Eng subtitles) so far, how many articles read, how many chapters of Harry Potter (or other books), progress on your project, etc.

3. Bring food and drinks to class on Monday. Extra points for caffeinated drinks :)

4. Comment on one of the Brazilian students' blogs at http://beeonline2.blogspot.com. The students' blogs are on the right side under "2005 Blogroll". If you get a Brazilian friend... or boyfriend... you get extra credit points (Im only half joking :)

5. Finally, bring Monday's Bangkok Post to class.. we will be reading it.

Remember: Not normal. Not "very good". Remarkable!!