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Monday, September 05, 2005

Free Points BAS!

by AJ

Today I urged my BAS class to be remarkable. Not normal. Not boring. Not "very good".

Remarkable. Outrageous. Daring. Great! Thats what Im looking for. Thats what Ill be urging you to do everyweek. That is your mission.

It is also my mission. I too want to be remarkable. A remarkable teacher. But right now Im average. Just as you want my help as students... I need your help as a teacher.

To start: I NEED you to let me know when you do not understand me. If you dont understand you are not learning. And if you are not learning, I am failing! That makes me a very bad teacher. Terrible.

So.... I urge you to raise your hand ANYTIME you cant understand me. Raise your hand if I am talking too fast. Raise your hand if Im using words you dont know. Raise your hand (again and again if necessary) if you dont understand my explanations.

Anyone who does this will IMMEDIATELY receive one point of extra credit.... Ill put it in the book right away! Im 100% serious about this.

If you have a deeper or bigger problem, then please talk to me or email me about it. To show you Im serious, I will also give extra credit points for this. The more direct your suggestion.. the more points you will receive.

So if there is something you hate about the class, or something you think would be helpful... TELL ME!!! I will reward you for doing so :)

You are a great class and I respect your opinions. Share them with me.