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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tough Questions!

by AJ

Hiroshi (in my BAS class) wrote a blistering post today... a challenge to teachers and the field of education. He asks a lot of great questions- ones that should not be dismissed.

I gave him a quick comment, but Ill be thinking about his post for many more days. Ive got my fair share of righteous indignation as well, so Im quite fond of Hiroshi. He's not afraid to state his opinions directly and strongly. That makes him remarkable. He is definitely not an average student!

Hiroshi is the future. No more obedient students and "workers". No more sleeping drones. No more passive learners. Shout! Demand! Take control of your education and learning! Learn from Hiroshi.

Read his post and leave a comment at: http://www.hiroshihawaii.blogspot.com/