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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'll Be Back

by AJ

Finally, a break. I am leaving on a much need vacation... and during that vacation, I will turn off my cell phone and uplug from the computer. No blogging. No internet.

For Students: Ive added a few articles to the online intermediate course.. if you'd like to get an early start, read through the articles a few times, and listen to each audio a few times. For writing practice, try writing your reactions to the articles in the comments.

This is just a skeleton. Ill put more on the site once Im back. And will start accepting requests to join the E-Club class (max of 4 people).

For BAS class: We DO have class on Monday October 10th. You will give a speech about a difficult esperience. We do NOT have class on Monday October 17th. We DO have class on October 24th (Univ. holiday).

While Im gone, check the Kyoto-BAS project site for homework. Aaron will be putting you into teams... and he will post required activities/homework on the site's calendar. Please check it every 2-3 days.

Keep blogging, at least one page per week. For those of you not posting regularly to your blog, and/or not commenting.... I do notice :) I also notice when you are not in class :)

Monday the 31st is Halloween. Your speech will be about a scary or frightening experience in your life. Remember, start right away with a SPECIFIC experience (There I was....). After the speeches, we will have a Halloween Party! Bring candy, drinks, music, makeup, etc. You can make me up as a monster if you want :)

For everyone: Have a great two weeks. I'll be back around the 24th of October.