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Monday, October 24, 2005

Just Say "Know"

by AJ

When asked what I would do if I were to become governor (of California) I replied: "As little as possible. Managing a state is like managing a baseball team. The function of the coach is to motivate, tutor, counsel, to promote team work. And, above all, to stay out of the limelight and let the performers be stars"
--Tim Leary

I like Leary's analogy. Translated to teaching it reads: "Let the students be stars". Counsel. Tutor. Motivate. Promote team work.

Thats a nice recipe for a teaching approach- one I more or less follow. Leary is right. In a baseball game, its the PLAYERS who do everything. They have to make the hits, make the plays, run the bases, get the outs. The manager cannot do these things for them. He shouts a little, guides a little, tweaks the rotation a little... and then sits on his ass and lets the players shine.

The managers job is to collect and develop talent... help the players reach their full potential individually, and as a team.

Its a good recipe for a different kind of teaching:

Let students be stars.

Help students kick ass.