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Monday, October 03, 2005

Super Students

by AJ

Today we had our midterm presentations and award ceremony for the BAS class. Many students are doing a great job.

Here are the award winners:

Best Student: Hiroshi (1st), Ploy & Ploy (both, tie, 2nd)

Best Midterm Presentation: Tong (1st), Ploy (not real name) (2nd)

Most Improved: Hiroshi (1st), Tip & Pum (tie, 2nd)

Best Reader: Nice (1st), Hiroshi (2nd)

Best Blogger: Tip (1st), Tong & Hiroshi (tie, 2nd)

Best Project Team Member: Pum (1st), Blue (2nd)

Best Listener: Jenny & Tong (tie, 1st), Ploy & Koy (tie, 2nd)

Most Enthusiastic: Ploy (real name, 1st), Nice & Ploy & Job (tie, second)

Congratulations to all of you!! Great job... thanks for inspiring all of us!